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Ashok Leyland
India: 1950 - p.t.
In 1950 the Indian firm Ashok Motors Limited got down to trucks production of the company “Leyland” and soon it became the biggest Asian branch “Ashok Leyland”, yielding annually 40 thousand trucks of 30 core models at its six enterprises. In 1950-ies in Madras at the factory, built with the help of Englishmen, they began to assemble Leyland numerous truck-lines out of imported parts in most simple and maximally heavy-duty specifications with different more spacious cabs and high-sided bodies adapted for local operation conditions.

Several licenses to manufacture of most part of OEM components for them were bought in parallel. In spite of the fact that all Ashok Leyland lorry models have long ago been removed from production, they go on manufacturing and improving Indian variants. When the company “Leyland” stopped its activity the firm “Ashok Leyland”, not having the possibility to improve outdated machines, went into the membership of the concern “IVECO” in 1987. As a result the plant began to assemble the trucks Euro Cargo, and all the rest trucks got new diesel engines IVECO of power 117-255 hp.
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Ashok Leyland Guru 1010

Ashok Leyland Guru

2016 - p.t.
Ashok Leyland Boss

Ashok Leyland Boss

2013 - p.t.



Ashok Leyland LRV

Ashok Leyland LRV

n/a - p.t.



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