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American LaFrance 400 Junior Series

American LaFrance 400 Junior Series

American LaFrance


American LaFrance 400 Junior Series

1933 - 1938

In 1933, the company introduced an entirely new series of mid-sized pumpers to replace the earlier Types 199/299 and 191/192. The new 400 Series featured fresh, new styling with high, rounded hoodlines and a raked one-piece windshield built into the cowl. Rotary or centrifugal pumps in the new series were mounted between the seat riser and hose body.

The 500 gpm model was dubbed the Type 450 Scout; the 600 gpm model the 460 Protector and the 750 gpm pumper the Type 475 Invader. The same pleasing new styling was also extended to the company’s ladder trucks and other types.

Predecessor: American LaFrance Type 91 / 92 / 94 / 96 & American LaFrance Type 97 / 99 / 199 / 299 / 399 (GMC chassis)
Successor: American LaFrance Type 500

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