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Ahrens-Fox E-C / E-R / F-C / H-C / I-C




Ahrens-Fox E-C / E-R / F-C / H-C / I-C

1947 - 1955

In 1947 Ahrens-Fox introduced its first all-new postwar styling. The handsome new Ahrens-Fox E-C / E-R / F-C / H-C / I-C conventionals featured sleek styling with integral front fenders and a massive new vertical grille. Later models have front grille with 5 rows, instead of 4 in early models. Open or closed cabs were available. There were models with 750 gpm (models E-C and I-C) and 1000 gpm (models F-C and H-C) centrifugal pumpers; 750 gpm rotor pumpers (model E-R); and quad combinations (models I-C-U and E-R-U).

Predecessor: Ahrens-Fox H-C / I-C series 1

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