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Ahrens-Fox H-C / I-C series 1

1937 Ahrens-Fox Aerial Ladder



Ahrens-Fox H-C / I-C series 1

1936 - 1940

In 1936, the company’s centrifugal and rotary gear pumpers got modern, streamlined styling with a sloped shield-shape grille and Schacht’s high tapered hood. It is interesting, that most of these trucks had closed cabin. Quads (I-C-U) and tractors for fire ladders received the same design. The front grille could be partially or all-chromed.

Predecessor: Ahrens-Fox G series 2 & Ahrens-Fox N-S-444 / C-444 / W-42
Successor: Ahrens-Fox E-C / E-R / F-C / H-C / I-C

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