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AEBI TP420 / TP450 / TP460




AEBI TP420 / TP450 / TP460

2009 - p.t.

The new Aebi TP450 transporter has the all-round independent hydro-pneumatic suspension ensures excellent driving comfort. A blocking of the suspension is not necessary since when operating on inclines, the pressure in the cylinders on the downhill side is automatically increased and the level of the Transporter remains the same. Each wheel is controlled separately. The Detroit Diesel VM turbo motor generates 98 HP, complies the EURO 4 environmental standard and is equipped with a particle filter as standard. The 4-speed transmission is equipped with stages, half gears and reverse gears, is finely graded (16 / 16 gears) and permits speeds between 2-45 km/h.

The driver’s cab with new design offers generous space, comfortable seats and a modern dash panel with integrated display screen. The on-board computer provides comprehensive information for the driver. The Transporter has four-steer drive chassis that provides excellent maneuverability. Payload – 5 ton. Interesting that in addition to the standard tires 425/55 R17 can be added extra narrower tires 285/80 R16 or 7,50-18, thereby increasing the area of traction. In 2010 a more powerful model TP460 has been presented with the Detroit Diesel VM R754IE3 turbo engine with a cubic capacity of 2970 cm³ and an output of 74 kW (101 HP).

Production of the TP450 and TP460 was stopped in 2018.

In 2012, AEBI extended its range of medium transporters with the model TP420. The attractive design of the cabin and a variety of components are absolutely identical or only slightly different. Aebi’s aim was to realize a high-performance model with a simplified operating concept using proven technology. The result was a transporter that should rank straight to the top of the middle class with a high payload, first-class driving comfort, a powerful and clean turbo diesel and an excellent price/performance ratio.

In the base version, the front axle is equipped with a hydropneumatic suspension, whereas the newly developed rear axle has no suspension. The VM turbo diesel delivers impressive 80 kW (109 HP), has a torque of 420 Nm at only 1100 rpm and a torque rise of 40%. In addition, the engine meets stage IIIB and operates in a very environmentally friendly manner thanks to a diesel particulate filter and catalytic converter.

2017 — Updated TP420

The updated AEBI VT450 received a modified appearance with a new bumper and headlights. There are also new doors with bigger side windows. Interior also has got some new features, including the new joystick.  The rear wall of the cab was made quick-detachable, which has now made maintenance even easier. The noise level in the cab has been reduced.

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