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AEBI TP48 / TP58 / TP68 / TP78 / TP88 / TP98




AEBI TP48 / TP58 / TP68 / TP78 / TP88 / TP98

1997 - 2009

Future evolution of TP27, TP37, TP47, TP57, TP67 and TP97 models was the new family of transporters TP48, TP58, TP68, TP78, TP88 and TP98 models. The lightest and low-powered model TP58 was equipped with the turbo-charged diesel engine Kubota V2003-T with the output of 56 hp. Gross weight – 6000 kg. TP48 had a 3.3 liter 4-cylinder Kubota V3300-DI diesel engine with output of 68 hp and the gross weight 6000 kg and unladen – 2100 kg. Speed range – 1.8-35 km/h.

Model TP68 had more powerful version of the same engine with output of 74 hp. Speed range – 2.8-32 km/h. TP78 was equipped with the same Kubota V3300-DI engine, but had a total mass of 6500 kg and unladen – 2300 kg. TP88 – had the more powerful 3.8-liter diesel engine Kubota V3800-DI with output of 83 hp. Gross weight is 6500 kg.

The most powerful in the range was TP98 model (there were TP98K, TP98P and TP98S variants). It was equipped with the 95 hp turbocharged diesel engine Detroit Diesel VM. Gross weight reached 7000-7500 kg and unladen – 2400-3200 kg. Lightweight models like TP58, TP48 and TP68 were equipped with the 4-speed gearbox with half-speeds, which gave 8 speeds forward and 8 back. Heavier models like TP78, TP88 and TP98 had a transmissions with a total number of speeds 16 forward and 16 back. Driver’s cabs were the same for all models. There was also a triaxial version of TP78 model.

Predecessor: Aebi TP27 / TP37 / TP47 / TP57 / TP67 / TP97
Successor: Aebi TP48Aebi TP420 / TP450 / TP460

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