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Volvo updated its FMX and FH construction ranges in 5 ways


Volvo updated its FMX and FH construction ranges in 5 ways

Volvo FMX family was produced for heavy-duty work in 2010. In 2103 it was completely renewed, and now, in 2015 they offer some new features.

First of all, the whole new steering system Volvo Dynamic Steering EPS. Now the steering wheel will return in its default position automatically, which means that its going to be easier and more comfortable to steer.

Secondly, the front axle was also remade, now its capable to carry 20 tons instead of 18. Now the truck is more efficient with its 32 tons of fully loaded weight. This feature also eases drivers job and now the truck is more crane-friendly.

The third feature is the introduction of the fifth axle, which increases fully loaded weight up to 76 tons.

Rear air suspension is able now to work in pair with the front drive axle. This feature makes the truck more comfortable and reliable, as long as it reduces the most part of vibrations. Meanwhile it also provides a good 300mm clearance.

And finally, EBS now works in pair with drum brakes. Now these heavy-duty trucks have Hill Start Aid and Brake Blending systems. What is more is that the automatic I-Shift gearbox will now work more effectively.

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