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Albion Model 46 / 50 / 52

Albion Model 46



Albion Model 46 / 50 / 52

1931 - 1937

Model 46. 1931-1936. The 2.5 ton bonneted Model 46 (overtype version called Model 47) was an uprated version of the Model 43 with the 42 hp EN64 engine. Front wheel brakes were not included to keep the price down but were available as an option. The maximum speed was increased from 20 mph (ca. 32 km/h) to 30 mph (ca. 48 km/h).

Model 463. 1932-1935. In the early 1930s new vehicle taxation rules had a considerable influence on the success of certain models and Albion, like other manufacturers, had to respond quickly to the changing demands of the market. To take advantage of tax changes for unladen weights not exceeding 3 tons, the new Model 463 uprated to 3 ton capacity was introduced in 1932. This uprated model, with front brakes now in standard, also had a small power increase with the fitting of the EN68 of 60 hp.

Model 50. 1931-1934. New for 1931 was 3.5-4 ton bonneted Model 50 (overtype version called Model 51). Powered by a side-valve 4 cylinder 60 hp EN60 engine, this chassis followed what was now standard practice, with pneumatic tires, chassis mounted fuel tank and full lighting set, and certainly looked a thoroughly up to date vehicle. A new radiator design still following traditional lines now had a honeycomb grille which was said to improve the appearance of the vehicle. This 30 mph (ca. 48 km/h) commercial had no front brakes, at least as standard fitments.

Model 52. 1934-1935. Introduced at the 1933 London Olympia Show, this 4 ton bonneted Model 52 (overtype version called Model 53) was available in two wheelbases. Despite the surprise announcement of Albion’s first compression-ignition engine, the EN75, the standard engine was the 4 cylinder EN205 of 65 hp, but EN75, Beardmore, Dorman and Gardner oil engines were offered in response to customer demand.

Model 520. 1935-1937. An increase in payload to 5 tons in June 1935 resulted in model being revised as the 520.

Predecessor: Albion Models 24 / 27 / 31 / 34
Successor: Albion Model 126

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