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Albion CX1 / CX3

Albion CX3



Albion CX1 / CX3

1936 - 1949

CX1. 1936-1939, 1944-1949. The 7.5-ton model CX1 was in production since 1936. There was a choice of three engines, the EN233 oil and EN236 engines of identical 6.0 litre capacity, and the Gardner 4LW oil engine. Unit mounted with the engine was a four speed constant mesh gearbox which transmitted the power to the usual overhead worm axle.

CX3. 1937-1939, 1944-1949. The CX3, introduced in 1937 for payloads of 7.25 tons, shared the same frame as the CX1, but had reduced maximum load space behind the driver’s cab because of the longer six cylinder engine. There was a choice of EN242, EN243, EN245 or Gardner 5/6LW engines. Ironically the smaller engines CX1 could carry an extra 250 kg payload due to the lighter engine in an otherwise identical chassis, although the CX3 could tow a trailer.

Predecessor: Albion Model 55 / 550 / 557
Successor: Albion Clansman / Chieftain / Clydesdale overtype & Albion HD53 / HD55 / HD57 / HD73 / HD75

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