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Albion CX2 / CX4 / CX22

Albion CX2 From the Albion of Scotstoun book



Albion CX2 / CX4 / CX22

1938 - 1949

CX2. 1938-1939, 1944-1949. The bonneted version of the CX1 was the CX2, which started production in 1938 for similar payloads of 7.5 tons. After the war proprietary engines were not offered in the CX range, and the 6.0 litre oil engine had been increased to 6.6 litres to become the EN234. After the war the CX2 model, like other bonneted trucks in the CX and FT ranges, were listed as available only for overseas markets.

CX4. 1938-1939, 1944-1949. The bonneted version of the CX3 model with 6-cylinder engines EN242, EN245 or Gardner 5/6LW was designated as the CX4.

CX22. 1939. This model was a 6×4 version, which was more popular as the military version WD.CX22.

Predecessor: Albion Model 54 / 540 / 547
Successor: Albion Clansman / Chieftain / Clydesdale bonneted

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