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AEC Mandator MkV (model G4)

AEC Mandator MkV ( model G4 )



AEC Mandator MkV (model G4)

1959 - 1966

In 1959 the 5-th generation of the Mandator model was presented. It replaced the third generation (MkIV was not produced, only some bus chassis). The new generation received the Royal Park cab and produced in right-hand drive version G4RA and left-hand drive version G4LA. Two-axle truck tractors versions were very popular. The Royal Park cabins were not the one, which have been installed on the Mandator chassis. There were some other variants of cabins.

Predecessor: AEC Matador MkIII / Mandator MkIII «Tin Front»
Successor: AEC Mandator (model TG4)

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