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AEC Matador MkII (model 4GM4RA)

AEC Matador MkII ( model 4GM4RA )



AEC Matador MkII (model 4GM4RA)

1960 - 1965

In 1960, the second generation 4GM4RA model came to replace of the most popular model AEC – the all-wheel drive Matador O853. The truck was equipped with a modern Park Royal cabin. Gross vehicle weight was 14 tons, wheel base – 4039 mm, width – 2438 mm. The Matador MkII was produced in right or left-hand drive version with power-assisted steering and with or without a winch. Engine was AV470, 6-cylinder diesel with power of 126 hp at 2200 rpm. Transmission was 5-speed synchronized and a 2-speed auxiliary gearbox.

Predecessor: AEC Matador MkIII / Mandator MkIII «Tin Front»

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