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2009 - 2019

Future evolution of TP68 model is new TP48. The main features of new truck are more comfortable cab with new design, roof-mounted working light, narrower front axle (-150 mm). Transporters are equipped with directly injected Kubota V3300-DI-T diesel engine (3.3 litres) delivers a substantial output of 50 kW (68 hp) at 2400 RPM. Maximum torque is 236 Nm at 1400 RPM. Another available version was TP48P with more powerful Kubota V3800-DI diesel engine with output of 83 Hp. Engines meet the Euro III standart. Maximum load capacity – 3900 kg.

Predecessor: Aebi TP48 / TP58 / TP68 / TP78 / TP88 / TP98
Successor: Aebi TP410

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