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Chevrolet G7123 / G7153




Chevrolet G7123 / G7153

1941 - 1943

One of the most awkward vehicles put into military service during W.W.II was the Chevrolet Model NN-G7123, which was a 1.5-ton 4×4, but was based on the civilian cab-over-engine model.

Used extensively by the Signal Corps for transport of bulky, lightweight loads such as antenna components, they were known to that branch of the service as the K-54. It used a 175-inch wheelbase, and weighed in at 8,570 pounds, with a gross weight of 11,920 pounds.

Other characteristics were similar to the conventional models: 7.50×20 tires, a four-speed transmission and two-speed transfer case coupled to Chevrolet’s 235.5 cubic inch inline overhead valve six. However, this cab-over-engine’s version was governed at 2850 rpm while other models were allowed to run to 3100, and this reduced the available horsepower from 83 to 80.

A similar Signal Corps model was known as the K-33, and a non-designated model served as a general cargo transporter. The other variant of 4×4 cab-over was fire truck NX-G7153, designed for cross-country crash and rescue missions. The booster tank held 300 gallons of water and was in the forward part of the body above the pump assembly and ahead of the hose compartment.

Exterior ground ladders were carried on the right side, with four CO2 bottles on the left. A total of 598 of these Chevrolet cab over engine types were built. Also, there were made several 4×2 trucks of type MU model 5103 cab over engine chassis for mounting special bodies.

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