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Chevrolet Series A / Y, B / M

Chevrolet YS



Chevrolet Series A / Y, B / M

1941 - 1945

Military versions could be distinguished by taking away all chromed articles, cutting away of the front fender line and thinner front bumper to conserve metal, and doing away with the floor mat to conserve rubber.

The most popular military variant was an ambulance MR with special springs for smoother ride on unimproved roads. Military trucks were equipped with a 216,5 cubic inch six-cylinder over-head valve engine developing 90 hp and a four-speed manual transmission.

Another version is 1-ton BN canopy express, which used for different operations, including military police. There were also 3-axle model YS and MS with Thornton rear boogie.

Predecessor: Chevrolet Series G / S / H / T / K / V / W

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