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American LaFrance 600 Series

American LaFrance 600 Series

American LaFrance


American LaFrance 600 Series

1941 - 1946

After a three-year production run, American LaFrance in mid-1941 replaced the big Senior 500 Series with a refined and improved 600 Series. Although there were a number of engineering changes under its streamlined bodywork, the “new and improved” 600 was identical in appearance to the 1938-41 500 Series.

The only easily recognizable difference was a wider fillet between the front fenders and grille. Also, on the 500 there were three small grille bars in each of four sections (separated by larger/thicker bars), while a 600 had four.

Predecessor: American LaFrance 500 Series
Successor: American LaFrance 700 Series

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