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Ahrens-Fox G series 1

Ahrens-Fox G series 1



Ahrens-Fox G series 1

1928 - 1929

In 20s, Ahrens-Fox`s bread and butter products was still the distinctive front-mounted piston pumper. But in 1928 the company introduced a companion line of 500, 600 and 800 gpm pumpers equipped with midship-mounted rotary gear pumps. The Ahrens-Fox Rotarystyle pumper featured a “double-seal”rotary gear pump patented by Charles H.Fox. One of the models was G-N-80-4. In this model designation, G indicates Gear pump, N is for Ahrens-Fox Model N (5-1/2″ x 7”) T-head motor, 80 stands for 800 GPM pump capacity, and 4 indicates it is equipped with a booster tank.

Successor: Ahrens-Fox G series 2

Ahrens-Fox G series 1

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