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Ahrens-Fox J-S-44 / N-S-44 / P-S-44

1930 Ahrens-Fox P-S-44



Ahrens-Fox J-S-44 / N-S-44 / P-S-44

1923 - 1928

Introduced in 1923, Ahrens-Fox straight-frame city service ladder trucks were offered in four- and six-cylinder engine versions, with or without booster or chemical equipment. Ahrens-Fox city service ladder trucks also boasted an industry first – “double-bank” ladder racks. By mounting two stacks of ladders side-by-side on the chassis, Ahrens-Fox was able to increase the number of ladders carried without affecting the truck’s ladder bed height or center of gravity. This Ahrens-Fox innovation was soon copied by all other major fire apparatus manufacturers.

Successor: Ahrens-Fox N-S-444 / C-444 / W-42

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