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1928 Ahrens-Fox U-N-T-4



Ahrens-Fox U

1929 - 1935

In 1929 Ahrens-Fox announced its first Quadruple Combination – a city service ladder truck equipped with midship-mounted rotary gear or front-mount piston pump; booster tank system and hose bed as well as the usual full complement of portable ladders. Also in the late 1920s, Ahrens-Fox introduced fresh, new front-end styling for its rotary gear pumpers and quads. Instead of classic A/F gable hood and radiator, the new front-end ensemble featured softy rounded contours. This pleasing new styling was gradually extended to all the company’s products.

In 1929 the company expanded its product line with the Fox Line Skirmisher – a quad designed for smaller cities and towns. Powered by Waukesha six-cylinder engine with 600 or 750 gpm rotary gear pump, the Skirmisher featured Ahrens-Fox’s new front-end styling. The first Skirmisher was UC-60-4 (“U”=”quad”; “C”=”Continental engine”; “60”=”600 GPM rotary gear pump”; “4”=”40-gallon water tank”).

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