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Austin 101



Austin 101

1957 - 1961

The first original Morris Commercial ‘J’ type was introduced at the 1948 Commercial Motor Show. These J-type 10 cwt vans were provided with a 1476cc, 36 bhp, side valve engine (based on the Morris Oxford car unit) and 3-speed gearbox.

The ‘J’ type was updated in 1957, with the fitting of the O.H.V. 1489 cc, 42 bhp, ‘B’ series engine, mated to a 4-speed box. This series was called J/B. Badge-engineering by the British Motor Corporation saw an Austin version of the J/B introduced, known as the Austin ‘101’, which differed from the J/B only in the design of the front grille panel and the badging.

A significant number of ‘J’ type, JB and 101 chassis were supplied as the chassis for coachbuilders, but not as the final vans.

Successor: Austin J4

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