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Albion WD.HD23N



Albion WD.HD23

1953 - 1954

An order for 230 ten ton 6×4 HD trucks was received from the Ministry of Supply in September 1951, followed by another for 270 in the following year. The military model WD.HD23N were powered by the EN257 10.5 litre petrol engine, and were of similar specification to the WD.CX23 range supplied to the Ministry 10 years earlier. A number of different bodies were supplied on two wheelbases (short WD.HD23S and long WD.HD23L), with machinery, workshop, cargo, and revolving crane on the longer, and tipper bodies on the shorter. 14.00×20 tires were fitted and complete truck was designed for wading to a maximum depth of 2.5 feet.

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