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Albion Model 553 / 559

Albion Model 559 From the Albion of Scotstoun book



Albion Model 553 / 559

1935 - 1938

Model 559. 1935-1938. The Models 549 and 559 of 1935 were six wheelers which replaced the 12 ton Models 58 and 59 introduced two years previously. Now suitable for loads of 13 tons, they returned the front axle to a conventional forward position in the chassis, and the rear bogie was available with either a trailing third axle or as double drive.

Four vacuum cylinder servo units provided what was then considered to be a high degree of braking efficiency, and an unusual feature was that the handbrake as well as the foot brake was servo assisted from a fifth servo unit. The unladen weight was less than 6 tons. The standard engine was the petrol EN80D 6.97 litre engine, but also offered was the 7.81 litre EN85 petrol unit. Diesel options were the Gardner 5 and 6LW motors, and in practice these were the more popular choices in this weight range.

Model 553. 1936-1938. Designed to fill the gap between the maximum load 7.5-ton 2-axle models and the 12-13 ton heavy 3-axle models, the N553 catered for the payloads of 8-9 tons denoted by its ‘N’ prefix. The first of two 3 axle models which started production in the summer of 1936, only one wheelbase was available, but with a variety of engines.

Offered either in 6×2 configuration with a trailing second rear axle or as a 6×4 with a double drive bogie, both drive set-ups were available with single or twin rear tires. Powered by the 100 hp EN80 or 110 hp EN85 6 cylinder petrol engines, oil engines offered were the 6 cylinder 90 hp EN76 or the Gardner 5LW, the latter conveniently fitting the engine bay without major modification.

Predecessor: Albion Model 57 / 59
Successor: Albion CX5 / CX21 / CX23 / CX29

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