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Albion Model 35 4/5-ton

Albion LB35



Albion Model 35 4/5-ton

1927 - 1931

Albion continued to add to the range with this Model 35 in 1927 which was more innovative than it looked. Rated at 4 tons, it was the first Albion chassis to be designed from the outset as an overtype, whereas the A10 Mark III and Model 28 were successful adaptations of bonneted models. Powered by the largest engine thus far with the 35/55hp EN51B of 6.06 liters engine accessibility, in comparison with the overtype A10 Mark III, was greatly improved by making the complete cab easy to remove.

In only six or seven minutes, two men could unbolt and raise the cab with light lifting tackle; a cut out panel at the rear of the cab allowed the necessary clearance for the radiator and steering wheel to allow the chassis to be pushed back. While perhaps at first glance not the most elegant of Albion chassis with the unusual V-shaped radiator and solid tires, it was in fact completely up to date in concept with a little development, might have been Albion’s first tilt cab.

A 5 tonner was introduced in 1928 with improved braking, consisting of a Dewandre servo assisted foot brake acting on rear drums, and a hand operated transmission brake. In the desire to make the cab easy to remove, it had lacked rigidity and it suffered from engine heat and noise. A stiffened cab and a double engine cover were introduced in 1930, in an attempt to deal with these problems. At the same time, body length was sacrificed by extending the cab rearward by about 3″ to assist driver accessibility and the make the operation of the handbrake easier.

Successor: Albion Model 35 6-ton

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