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AEC Mammoth Major 6 (model 266/366)

AEC Mammoth Major 6 ( model 266/366 )



AEC Mammoth Major 6 (model 266/366)

1930 - 1948

The three-axle trucks of family Mammoth were produced also in bonnet version Mammoth Major 6 (model 266) with the wheel arrangement 6×2. Design of the truck was made in style of lighter models Majestic and Mandator. Trucks were equipped with 4- or 6-cylinder petrol engines (5123 or 7413 cm3, 80-92 hp). In 1936, trucks had been modified (model 366) and were produced without changes until 1948.

Successor: AEC Mammoth Major 6 MkIII (model 2671)

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