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AEC Mammoth Major 6 MkIII (model 2671)

AEC Mammoth Major 6 Mk III



AEC Mammoth Major 6 MkIII (model 2671)

1948 - 1960

The bonnet version of three-axle model Mammoth Major of third-generation was equipped with a 11.3-liter 6-cylinder gasoline engine with direct fuel injection, 5-speed manual transmission and compressed brakes. In 1956 an improved model 2621/2631 came to replace 2671 with a new design. But the model 2671 was producing in parallel with 2621/2631 until 1960.

Predecessor: AEC Mammoth Major 6 (model 266/366)
Successor: AEC Mammoth MkIII (model 2431/2631)

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