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AEC 690 Dumptruck 10 cu yd (model BDK6R)

AEC 690 Dumptruck 10 cu yd ( model BDK6R )



AEC 690 Dumptruck 10 cu yd (model BDK6R)

1964 - 1971

To replace the 3673M model the new 690 Dumptruck BDK6R came in 1964. The cab and chassis had been designed by Thornycroft Company (AEC purchased it in 1961). The truck was equipped with a 11.3-liter engine AEC AV690 with output of 150-192 hp. The 690 Dumptruck also produced with the Aveling Barford badge.

After the acquisition of AEC company by the Leyland, the model had been upgraded. It received a more powerful AEC AV760 engine with output of 160-265 hp. Externally it can be distinguished by the headlights, moved from the grille to front fenders. The truck was manufactured under the AEC, Leyland (LD55 model), Aveling Barford and Scammell (trucks were assembled at its plant) brands.

Predecessor: AEC Dumptruck 10 cu yd (model 3673M)

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