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Fenatran 2011: MAN will show new lineup in Brazil


Fenatran 2011: MAN will show new lineup in Brazil

At the Fenatran 2011 show, which will be held from 24 to 28 October in Sao Paulo, Brazil, MAN Latin America will present an updated range of truck with gross weight from 5.5 to 74 t.

This update is timed for entry in Brazil in January 2012 new environmental regulations Proconve P7, an analogue of the European Euro5. The new series is called Advantech. The main features are update trims, new colors of cabins and materials of the interiors, modified braking system (new filter of braking system), as well as the SCR and EGR systems to meet new environmental standards. For the first time in the history of the brand, Volkswagen trucks will be equipped with MAN D08 engines. Now let’s look closer at the models of the new lineup.

VW Delivery 5.150, 8.160 and 9,160

The lightest models of the new range will be equipped with a modern 3.8-liter engines Cummins ISF engine with SCR system, which uses ARLA 32 (AdBlue). Two-stage turbocharging to 30% reduces the frequency shift. In addition, the updated model will receive a gearbox ZF S5 420HD and 330 mm diameter clutch. There are some external changes too. The cabin will receive a new grille and bumper, now consisting of 3 elements. Standard equipment includes power windows and central locking. The interior received new colors, lining was gray and the new dashboard. The warranty for corrosion protection is extended cab up to 3 years.

VW Constellation 13.190, 15.190 and 17.190; VW Worker 13.190, 15.190 and 17,190

13-, 15- and 17-ton models Worker and Constellation in 2012 will be equipped with a new 4.6-liter MAN D08 engine with an output of 190 hp. It has a two-stage turbocharger, Common Rail system and EGR technology. Advantages of this power unit are less noise level, reduced fuel consumption and emissions of harmful substances. All 6 models are equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox Eaton 5406 and 395 mm clutch. Like other models of the Advantech range, the brake system has received a new filter. Complements the list of updates is a lower weight and new information electronic technologies.

VW Constellation 17.280, 24.280 6×2, 26.280 6×4 and 31.280 6×4; VW Worker 17.260, 24.260 6×2, 26.260 6×4 and 31.260 6×4

More powerful versions are equipped with a 9.6-liter MAN D08 engine rated at 260 or 280 hp. These have also two-stage turbocharger and EGR system. Gearbox is a 9-speed ZF 9S 1010, which optimizes fuel economy.

VW Constellation 17.330, 24.330 6×2, 31.330 6×4 and 31.390 6×4

If you want a more powerful truck, the VW Constellation can be equipped with a 9-liter 6-cylinder Cummins ISL 330 hp engine with SCR system and motor brake. Transmission is also new – ZF 16S 1585. Version with a 390-horsepower engine is equipped with a turbocharger with a variable geometry and delivers high performance and low fuel consumption.

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