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E-one introduced the tallest aerial ladder in USA


E-one introduced the tallest aerial ladder in USA

Towering 137 feet into the sky, the CR 137 is North America’s tallest aerial ladder. Fire and emergency vehicle manufacturer, E-ONE, Inc., is introducing this new aerial ladder at the 2010 Fire Rescue International conference in Chicago.

The CR 137 features a narrow 13-foot, 8-inch jack spread, criss-cross under-slung stabilizers and a speedy set up of less than 45 seconds. The welded extruded aluminum ladder combined with advanced engineering provides a 2.5 to 1 structural safety factor, exceeding NFPA requirements.

One of the most impressive features of the CR 137 is its ability to reach a target that is 110 feet high and 82 feet horizontally off the side while supporting a 750 pound personnel tip load. The new aerial ladder is made on the Cyclone® II or Quest® chassis with integral torque box frame. Medium or long cabs available.

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