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Chevrolet Series GD / GE / S

Chevrolet SB



Chevrolet Series GD / GE / S

1937 - 1938

In 1938 the truck line received totally new sheet metal which conformed to the styling of the cars. The 1.5-ton range was called now SA and SB for 131.5-inch chassis, and SC and SD for 157-inch chassis. The trucks were equipped with 78 hp engines.

At mid-season, two new truck series were introduced. These were the Series GD, consisting of 3/4-ton vehicles, and the Series GE, of 1-ton models. Both series used a 122-inch wheelbase and both were available with pickup or stake bodies, or as chassis. GD and GE were not so popular as the heavier models Series S.

Predecessor: Chevrolet Series R
Successor: Chevrolet Series HD / HE / T

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