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Chevrolet Series R

Chevrolet RB



Chevrolet Series R

1936 - 1937

In 1936, the truck line again received a facelift, with new hood panels and slight design change in the radiator shell and grille. The bodies and cabs were basically the same as those of 1935, but the instruments were now located in front of the driver rather than in the center of the dash, and a glove compartment was installed. The fenders followed the same line as in 1935, but now sported mini skirts.

At mid-year, all trucks received totally new cabs. These were almost two inches lower than the former models and had more rounded corners. From the mid-season hydraulic brakes became standard on the 1.5-ton models. The 131-inch wheelbase models were the RA and RB Series and the 157-inch wheelbase versions were the RC and RD Series.

Predecessor: Chevrolet Series P / Q
Successor: Chevrolet Series GD / GE / S

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