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The new generation of MAZ-MAN trucks


The new generation of MAZ-MAN trucks

The joint venture MAZ-MAN started manufacturing of new generation of trucks.

The first presented trucks were the dumper MAZ-MAN-652036 and chassis (for flatbed, cranes, concrete mixers, etc.) MAZ-MAN-632044 of environmental class Euro-4, and Maz MAN-632036 of environmental class Euro-3. In the second week of January 2011 the last MAZ-MAN truck of previously generation has left the conveyor.

According to the technical department words, if the outside design of the new trucks is almost the same as old model, this is a completely new generation of trucks, not an upgrading of the already known models. Using new diesel engines MAN D-20 and D08 has required radically change in the design of components and assemblies. Also the frame is new.

Now the plant offers to customers a more extensive range of trucks, which would fully meet such criteria as the purchase price, fuel efficiency, cargo capacity. The first trucks of a new generation have a 6×4 wheel configuration. These models use diesel engines MAN D-08 36 LF, which develop 280-326 hp and comply with environmental standards Euro-3 or Euro-4. Transmission is 9-speed ZF9S. The front axle has a rated load of 9 tons, the rear – 26 tons.

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