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Special KrAZ truck for EMERCOM of Ukraine


Special KrAZ truck for EMERCOM of Ukraine

The Holding Company AvtoKrAZ from designed and manufactured a special heavy rescue vehicle (SARM) based on the chassis KrAZ-63221 for EMERCOM of Ukraine.

SARM – a specially equipped vehicle designed for the speedy delivery of emergency services, special equipment to emergency situations places, rescue, save and other urgent works, search for victims and emergency medical care to them, elimination of local fire, management of radiation and chemical reconnaissance, communications during emergencies and natural disasters.

SARM has the seven-seater four-door cab and compartment for storage and transportation of special equipment. A new rescue vehicle equipped with the most modern equipment to work in emergency situations, including self-contained stationary power plants with capacity of 30 kW and 5 kW portable, hydroelectric power station with a set of hydraulic equipment, self-contained water pump, welding equipment, diving and rescue equipment, acid suits, eight-seater motor boat, hydraulic crane from Swedish company Hiap.

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