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Chevrolet Series 20 / 30 ‘1971

Chevrolet C20



Chevrolet Series 20 / 30 ‘1971

1971 - 1972

Several changes occurred in 1971 for light trucks. First came another new grille design (the “egg crate”). Second, an additional trim package was introduced: the Cheyenne. These packages consisted mostly of comfort features — nicer interiors, more padding and insulation, carpet, chrome trim, and upper and lower side molding and tailgate trim. Nineteen seventy-one was the first year for AM/FM radios factory installed. Finally, the front brakes on all light-duty trucks were switched from drum brakes to disc brakes.

The 1972 models were virtually identical to 1971 models, with the only change being the rearview mirror was glued to the windshield instead of being bolted to top of the cab, and metal or vinyl-covered flat door panels were no longer available; all trim level door panels were molded plastic with integral armrests and wood grain inserts on Cheyenne and Sierra trim levels.

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