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Autocar DC-10064



Autocar DC-100

1940 - 1949

In 1940, Autocar presented its diesel-powered model DC-100, equipped with a Cummins Diesel HB-600 that developed 150 hp at 1800 rpm. According to Autocar sales literature, the 200 hp supercharged HBS-600 was also available as an option by 1946.

These engines had a 4 7/8-inch bore and a 6-inch stroke with five ring “special iron alloy piston”. In an industry first, Series 100 Model Autocars were equipped with a 12-volt electrical system and a 24-volt starting motor with Bendix drive. The larger Autocars were equipped with air brakes.

The hood with two sections of vertical louvers was used on models manufactured after 1940. The range also included a four-wheel tractor truck DC-100T with a GCW of 60,000 lbs, and a six-wheel trucks DC-10062 (6×2) and DC-10064 (6×4) with a GVW of 68,000 and 62,000 lbs, respectively.

Predecessor: Autocar D / N / C / S / T
Successor: Autocar C / DC with all-steel cab

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Set-back axle version

Along with the DC-100 diesel trucks with a set forward front axle, in 1940 another models was presented with a shifted back front axle. This configuration of the chassis can not only improve the maneuverability of the truck, but also to optimize weight distribution, which as a result will increase capacity.

Shifted back front axle received tractors DC-100T, dumpers DC-100D with huge tires 12.00×24 and 14.00×24 with wheelbase of 158 or 164 in, as well as three-axle chassis DC-10064S.

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