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Austro-Daimler ADZK

Austro-Daimler ADZK



Austro-Daimler ADZK

1937 - 1938

Subcompact 1.5-ton (reconnaissance or transport), truck-tractor ADZK (4×4) was equipped with four-cylinder overhead valve air-cooled gasoline engine rated at 60 hp, 4-speed manual transmission with an additional two-stage transfer gearbox, and all controlled wheels with 230-18 tires.

The project also had a second control place. A hydraulic brake system included vacuum booster. Beam axles were installed on transverse leaf springs.

According to all the dimensional parameters ADZK tractor was a small passenger car. Its wheelbase was 2000 mm, length – 3870 mm, width – 1720 mm. The car can carry up to 7 people with light weapons, or tow a 2-ton trailer or a gun. Max speed was 75 km/h.

In 1937-1938 was built several chassis, which became the base for experimental tractors ADZK and for three short wheelbase staff versions ADFK with open bodies. Another chassis with more powerful engine became the base for armored trucks ADSK.

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