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Astra RD40 / RD40c

Astra RD40



Astra RD40 / RD40c

1999 - p.t.

Along with the RD28 model, a heavier version Astra RD40 was presented with a payload of 40 tons and a body capacity of 24.2 m3. The truck is equipped with an IVECO 8210 engine with a turbocharger rated at 500 hp. Transmission is automatic Allison.

Astra RD40 is unified with the RD28. Since 2007, an upgraded RD40c model has been produced with the new 12.8-liter IVECO Cursor 13-F3B engine rated at 500 hp. The maximum speed is 47.6 km/h. The gearbox is Allison 6-speed.

Predecessor: Astra BM35

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2011 update

At the end of 2011 the Italy company Astra has updated the 40-tonne off-road dump truck RD40, which is available since 1999. The new model with the same index complemented the modern range of dump trucks and took place between the light models RD28C/RD32C and heavy RD50.

The new truck can carry up to 25.2 cubic meters in its body, which rises when unloading at an angle of 62 degrees in just 13 seconds using two telescopic cylinders. Cursor 13 engine with a power of 368 kW (500 hp) and torque of 2200 Nm allows this huge dumper to reach 50 km/h. Transmission is 6-speed automatic Allison H5610AR.

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