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Astra RD28C / RD32C

Astra RD32C



Astra RD28C / RD32C

2006 - p.t.

In 2006, Astra updated its range of rigid-frame off-road mining dump trucks. Models with a payload of 28 and 32 tonnes received the RD28c and RD32c names, respectively. Low-alloy steel is used as the structural material of the frames of both models, which withstands high dynamic loads. The longitudinal side members of the frame have a box section of variable height and are interconnected by powerful cross members of a closed profile.

Tippers are equipped with IVECO Cursor 10-F3A turbodiesel with a capacity of 353 hp (for model RD28c) and 381 hp (for model RD32c). The vehicles are equipped with an Allison hydromechanical transmission, including a lockable torque converter and an automatic 6-speed planetary gearbox.

The suspension with pneumohydraulic elastic elements and an integrated stiffness regulator is used. The bodies of the dump trucks are made of high strength Hardox steel. A powerful visor above the cab meets FOPS safety standard requirements.

Predecessor: Astra RD28

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