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Astra BM20



Astra BM20

1972 - 1978

Astra began creating military vehicles in the early 70s, when the BM20 series with a GVW of up to 30 tons was included in the range. All the vehicles were equipped with a solid frame, a 2-seater fiberglass cabin on a steel frame, 6-speed gearbox, dual main gears and planetary wheel gears, front suspension on parabolic springs, pneumatic brakes and power steering.

Military versions had a 6×6 chassis and were fitted with a 6-cylinder diesel engine “8210.02” (13.8 liters, 260 hp) made by FIAT. The base model was a 10-ton dump truck BM20MT with an 8.5 cubic meters body.

Later, the 13-ton tactical MC2 truck with a winch and various chassis for the transport of tracked armored vehicles and the installation of repair and recovery equipment, cranes, bridge spacers, and drilling rigs were added to the range.

Successor: Astra BM25 / BM201

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