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Astra ADT25c / ADT30c / ADT35c / ADT40c

Astra ADT40C



Astra ADT25c / ADT30c / ADT35c / ADT40c

2004 - p.t.

In 2004, Astra ADT articulated dump trucks were updated and got the upgraded IVECO Cursor 13 engines and new appearance. The base model is a three-axle (6×6) Astra ADT25c dump truck with a payload of 23.2 tons. The more powerful version ADT30c has a payload of 28.16 tons. The heavier versions are the ADT35c and ADT40c with a payload of 31.5 and 36 tons, respectively.

Astra ADT25c and ADT30c are equipped with a 10.3-liter turbodiesel IVECO Cursor 10F3A with an output of 319 and 353 hp. The heavier versions are powered by a 12.8-liter IVECO Cursor 13F3A engine rated at 402 and 456 hp. All versions are equipped with an automatic hydromechanical ZF gearbox with six forward and three rear speeds.

The dumpers are equipped with wheel gears and limited slip differentials. The front axle used pneumatic cylinders. The rear suspension is spring-balanced, with longitudinal guide rods. The brake system is a dual-circuit with disk brakes on all wheels.

The frame is made of high strength steel stamped beams. A feature of the frame is the absence of welded joints. Changing the direction of movement occurs due to the rotation of the front section, including the cab and power unit, left or right at an angle of up to 45 degrees. The driver’s cab received a new design and a new front fiberglass mask.

Predecessor: Astra ADT25 / ADT30

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