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AMW 2500 / 3100 / 4000 / 4900 1st generation

AMW 4923TR



AMW 2500 / 3100 / 4000 / 4900 1st generation

2005 - p.t.

The only range of the company includes 25- and 31-ton 3-and 4-axle dump trucks, chassis, and mixers, as well as 2- and 3-axle 40- and 49-ton truck tractors. The trucks are equipped with in-line Cummins B5.9 Euro III engines with a capacity of 180 or 235 hp, and 8-speed gearbox ZF.

Cabs are produced on the company’s plants, but it is the copy of an old Mitsubishi Fuso cabin, and more exactly of its Chinese copies (it is installed on many Chinese trucks, including FAW). It can be with and high roof. According to the manufacturer, this is the only truck in India, which is equipped with air conditioning.

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