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2010 - p.t.

At Eurosatory 2010, the ACMAT unveils its new light wheeled armoured vehicle the Bastion HD. The Bastion HD is a 4×4, high-mobility infantry and reconnaissance armored vehicle developed based on the rugged chassis of the VLRA 2 series to provide a capable and reliable multirole platform. Bastion HD is economically built with common parts of VLRA 2, enabling easy maintenance and uncomplicated logistics. The Bastion HD incorporates blast protection technology with the mobility of a light armored vehicle.

The Bastion HD is multimission capable and is ideal for reconnaissance, forward command and control, patrol, security, escort, route clearance support, peacekeeping, EOD, and urban and close quarters operations. The monocoque hull structure of Bastion HD has optimized body angles and a low silhouette for increased survivability. The high hardness armored steel hull provides all-round protection against infantry rifles and machine guns (ballistic protection Level 1 to Level 3, NATO STANAG 4569) and artillery shell splinters. The vehicle provides protection against anti-personnel and anti-tank mines and side explosives. The Bastion uses V-hull technology, the purpose of this design is to increase vehicle and crew survivability by deflecting an upward directed blast from a landmine or Improvised Explosive Device away from the vehicle, while also presenting a sloped armor face.

By presenting its armor at an angle, it increases the amount of material a ballistic projectile must pass through in order to penetrate the vehicle, and increases the chance of deflection. The anti-mine protection is Levels 2a / 2b NATO STANAG 4569. The infantrymen enter and leave the BASTION HD via a double door without a central pillar in the rear of the hull, which opens outwards. Three bullet-proof windows are mounted to each sides of the crew compartment, each with firing ports mounted in the lower part. The Bastion HD is powered by 5.0-litre Turbo Diesel Intercooler engine that can give 215hp at 2,300 rpm. The engine compartment is located at the front of the vehicle, leaving the remainder clear for the crew and passengers. The Bastion HD has cruise speed of 110 km/h and a maximum range of 1,000 km. The Bastion HD is air transportable by C130, C160, and A400M transport aircraft and by CH47 helicopter.

The late range included several new models. Bastion HM is a 14.5 tonne armored vehicle. The “high mobility” driveline with engines up to 340 hp coupled with automatic transmission and fully independent suspensions make Bastion HM a combat vehicle with an excellent power to weight ratio. BASTION HM is already in service with Special Forces units.

The PATSAS version of Bastion is particularly adapted for Special Forces, thanks to its open monocoque hull, its 3 7.62 weapon mounts and its 12.7 mm ring.

The APC version of Bastion is particularly adapted for troops transport. Thanks to the modularity of the vehicle, the hull is also convertible in ambulance, cargo and command post variants. The vehicle is equipped with a 7.62 or 12.7 mm ring or a remote-controlled turret.

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