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Allis-Chalmers 460 / 562

Allis-Chalmers 460



Allis-Chalmers 460 / 562

1962 - 1973

In 1962, Allis-Chalmers began to expand its motor scraper line in a big way. It launched two of the largest scrapers it ever made, the models 460 and 562 of 32 and 40 cubic yards (ca. 31 m³) of heaped capacity. Model 460 is topped out the Allis-Chalmers single-engine motor scraper line. The 562 was a twin-engined giant with engines in front and rear that totaled 730 horsepower, and weighing 51 tons. It featured a modular concept so that the scraper could be operated with or without rear engine module.

The model 562 received an upgrade in 1965, with bowl capacity increased to 44 cubic yards (ca. 34 m³) heaped and weight increased to 61 tons, but the 562 was discontinued the following year. The model 460 has a longer life. In 1965, it was upgraded to the version 460B, and then in 1968 it received GM Detroit Diesel engine and index 460C. It was withdrawn in 1973.

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