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Albion WD.FT11N



Albion WD.FT11

1942 - 1944

A development of the WD.EV1N, the WD.FT11N was a 3 ton 4×4 truck for the British Army which started production in May 1942 with either a machinery or general service type body, and with a coachbuilt cab, the top half of which was removable. Overhead worm axles were fitted front and rear with hydraulic shock absorbers on each wheel, and a pressed copper radiator similar to the BY5 was specified. The 6 cylinder EN280 petrol engine of 4.57 litres was installed, driving through a four speed gearbox and two speed relay gearbox, high ratio being intended for road work and low for cross country. Several hundred were supplied before production ceased in August 1944.

Predecessor: Albion WD.EV1 prototype
Successor: Albion WD.FT15

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