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Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 2204

Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 2204



Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 2204

1982 - 1999

After an updating the Ag-Gator 1004 / 2004 models, the new trucks have been called Terra-Gator 2204. It was heavy agricultural articulated trucks which were equipped with Cummins 378 V6, Cummins V504, and since 1990, Cummins 6CTA 8.3L engine. Different sprayers, dump trucks and other specialized farm equipment were produced on the chassis of Terra-Gator 2204.

Predecessor: Ag-Chem Ag-Gator 1004 / 2004
Successor: Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 2104 / 3104

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