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Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 2104 / 3104

Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 2104



Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 2104 / 3104

1999 - n/a

In 1999, updated models Terra-Gator 2104 and Terra-Gator 3104 came to replace the Terra-Gator 2204. The same as the Terra-Gator 2204, the new models had an articulated frame. Lighter model the Terra-Gator 2104 was equipped with 265 hp engine, while the heavier model Terra-Gator 3104 received 325 hp engine. Maximum speed is 40 km/h. In 2001, after the purchasing the Ag-Chem company by the AGCO Corporation, these models were produced under the AGCO brand.

Predecessor: Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 2204
Successor: Ag-Chem Terra-Gator 3244

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