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Ag-Chem RoGator 864 / 1064 / 1264

RoGator 1064



Ag-Chem RoGator 864 / 1064 / 1264

2002 - 2005

The new RoGator range of post-emergency sprayers has been presented in 2002. The main features are new Caterpillar engines, which meet Tier2 environmental standards. The RoGator 864 features a 225 SAE HP (167 kW) CAT 3126B with 644 ft lb (873 n-m) of torque with an 800-gallon (3,028 L) product tank. The 1064 features a 250 SAE HP (186 kW) CAT 3126B with 717 ft lb (970 n-m) of torque and a 1,000-gallon (3,785 L) product tank. Introduced a year later the most powerful model RoGator 1264 was equipped with 8.8 liters Caterpillar C9 engine with an output of 205 kW (275 hp). This model also had the most capacious product tank – 1200 gallons (4500 liters).

All models utilize a larger 130-gallon (492 L) fuel tanks, these machines will make short work of long fields with less time spent on refills and more time spent spraying. With hydraulic motors powering everything from the full time four-wheel drive to the hydrostatic braking system and application pumps, adequate hydraulic capacity and cooling is vital. Capacity, pumps, valves and cooling system have all been enhanced and, in some cases, simplified for even greater reliability and output. Charge pumps are built-in to the hydrostatic transmissions, as are relief and control valves. With the more inclusive systems, hose routing has been simplified, parts numbers reduced and servicing made easier. The integrated side-by-side cooling system replaces a stacked system, eliminating debris buildup between coolers and the resulting efficiency loss.

Hydrostatic tandem Eaton Series II pumps power the full time four-wheel drive on the road or in the field. The full boom breakaway has already proven itself a valuable component to operators of the 854. On the 864 /1064 / 1264 RoGators, this feature has been improved with all new pressure compensated boom fold and full boom breakaway hydraulics and redesigned boom section shutoffs.

The electronic sparge valve, combined with an in-cab light bar indicator and push button controls, allows the operator to easily adjust agitation to match remaining spray volume. This reduces the potential for foaming that occurs with excess sparging. Other component improvements include redesigning the flow meter mount and repositioning and increasing size of the rinse tank. Changing the flow meter from a horizontal to a vertical position makes access easier and eliminates the chance for cavitation, a concern at low rate application. The 864 / 1064 / 1264 RoGators come with the newly available 380/90R46 Titan Radial 10-star tires. Together with liquid applicators, there was a RoGator 1246C model to work on cotton and rice fields.

Predecessor: Ag-Chem RoGator 664 / 844/ 854 & Ag-Chem Rogator 1254
Successor: Ag-Chem RoGator 874 / 1074 / 1274 / SS874 / SS1074

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