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AEC Mercury MkI (model GM4RA) with Duramin cab

AEC Mercury MkI ( model GM4RA ) with Duramin cab



AEC Mercury MkI (model GM4RA) with Duramin cab

1953 - 1955

In 1953 the prewar middle-weight model Mercury was revived as a 2-axle truck with a payload 7-8 tons. The first generation of model GM4RA received a new cab designed by Duramin, which, however, was soon replaced by another one, designed by Park Royal. GM4RA means Goods Medium-weight 4-wheel Right-hand control Air brakes. The truck with the left-hand drive control was exported under the name Monarch MkV (model GM4LA – left-hand-drive).

Predecessor: AEC Mercury Mk I (model 640)
Successor: AEC Mercury MkII (model GM4RA) with Park Royal cab

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