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AEC Marshal (model 644)

AEC Marshal ( model 644 )



AEC Marshal (model 644)

1935 - 1941

The first prototypes of a new 3-axle series in bonneted and cabover versions were built in 1932. But the mass production in 1935 reached only the cabover version. It was a 3-ton army truck with an axle arrangement 6×4, all 22-inch single wheels, open driver’s cab with a slight overhang and wood-metal body. It was equipped with a 4-cylinder gasoline engine (5.1 liter, 80 hp) with an upper camshaft, 4-speed gearbox and hydraulic brakes with vacuum booster. On this chassis were produced vans, repair equipment trucks, pontoons haulers and even mobile churches. Up to 1941, 934 trucks were produced.

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