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AEBI eVT450 Vario

AEBI eVT450 Vario



AEBI eVT450 Vario

2019 - p.t.

In the beginning of February 2019, AEBI introduced its first, 100% electric emission-free powered eVT450 Vario. It was created in cooperation with Swiss Ecovolta company from Brunnen. The eVT 450 Vario is unified with the base VT450 Vario and also has four-wheel drive, a continuously variable mechanical-hydrostatic-power-split transmission, and can be easily switched from tires to a crawler track and back as needed. The payload of the eVT 450 Vario of up to 5 tons is absolutely unique in the electrically operated transporter class. The vehicle can also be quickly fitted with a flatbed or a closed body depending on what is being transported.

The electric drive is based on the technology of Ecovolta. The company has developed and patented a battery concept that, thanks to standardization, can be adapted more flexibly to different types of vehicles. The battery solution in the Aebi eVT 450 Vario includes 12 battery packs with 840 cells each and a total of 120 kWh of energy capacity. The transmission is impressively powerful at 80 kW. The Aebi eVT 450 Vario can work up to 4 hours with crawler tracks. Recharging to 80% takes 4 hours.

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