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ADVS 6x6x6 / 8x8x8 Desert Chameleon

ADVS 6x6x6 Desert Chameleon



ADVS 6x6x6 / 8x8x8 Desert Chameleon

2008 - p.t.

The Desert Chameleon vehicles are part of the novel ADVS ‘Vehicle System’ that is available in four configurations, a 4×4×4, a 6×6×6, an 8×8×8, and a 10×10×10 with 90+% common parts for ease of service, and logistical support. A unique ‘space frame’ removable “V” hull design which provides for a ‘lighter’ and ‘stiffer’ hull structure as well as providing for “adaptable” armor ‘modules’ may be easily changed – in the field – to ‘higher’ threat levels or ‘different’ threat type s. A modular, ‘quick-change’ power-pack consisting of a 600 horse-power Caterpillar engine and fully-automatic Caterpillar 6-speed transmission with full ‘world-wide’ Caterpillar support. High performance mobility comprised of a robust 2-speed transfer case for “2 speed ranges” of operation and an advanced fully independent “active suspension” system. This active system allows the vehicle to be ‘leaned’ on side slopes and/or grades for higher angles of operation, while adding to the turret weapon’s “elevation and depression range of operation”.

Additionally, this active system provides for ‘multiple suspension heights’ for varying operational requirements. High performance maneuverability comprised of a ‘speed sensitive’ all wheel steering system which allows incredibly small turning circles at low speeds (critical in close urban areas and in extreme off-road conditions) and a ‘left and right hand’ driver selectable steering position which may be shared ‘at any time’ between the side-by-side driver and commander, for better safety in extreme operating conditions with fatigued drivers. Ease of crew ingress/egress provided by two ‘side doors’ fitted to each side of the forward 4-person cockpit area, a large ‘rear crew area’ with a sizable ramp for ‘side-by-side’ rapid entry/exit of the many crew members. In 2011 the company presented 8×8×8 version of its Desert Chameleon.

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